Thursday, 3 March 2011

Review Knee pads for snowboarding

I'd mentioned in this post about snowboarding kit that was going to try out knee pads as when I'm teaching friends or boarding with people who are a lot slower than me I sit on my arse which tends to get wet and cold...

Might sound a bit odd but if you have ever taught a snowboarding virgin you don't do much stand up on the board ;)

Anyway back to the point..

I bought the Forcefield body armour knee pads check them out here

I have to say its well worth buying if your learning OR doing tricks of any type..

I didn't use them all week as didn't need them when going on massive long rides as I don't fall much or stop much.

I did this year spend a day riding switch an wouldn't have made it pass 1hr without these pads on as would of had no knee left..

100% recommend them unless cruising around at speed and don't fall much...

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  1. Knee pads are very useful for snowboarding. When our knees are injured, it takes some time for the scars to disappear. Not to mention, they're quite painful since our knees are always stretched whenever we move.

    Shanae Buckner


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