Friday, 26 November 2010

UK snow here we come :)

Taken from here is the current UK map of snow via twitter.

Will we get enough snow to do boarding in the uk like last year and the year before???

The year before I had a week in Alps to come back to snow more snow and snow, went boarding in my local park and golf course.

Just this week Snow has been not just hitting the UK but also the Alps are filling up nicely..

It was about -2c this at 9am here in St Albans in the UK and places like Oxford hitting -5c !!! eck!

Check out today's snowfall in at under 1,000m in Austria :)

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Rain OR snow. Europe snow Report

Well I'm a bit to lazy to do a full European Report but each day I check to see how much snow has landed in the resort we have booked for our next trip!!!

Europe and Austria had a fair amount of snow about 3-4weeks ago but then rain :( now it seems the snow is coming back.

Those guy who are coming to Saalbach with us you can check out

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Snowboarding Braunwald Switzerland

I learnt to snowboard in Switzerland with mates in a tiny little place called Braunwald....

I learnt the normal way of sticking a board on and being pushed down the mountain by mates.

As a lefty the first thing I learnt was I'm a regular rider... Everything pointed to me being a goofy rider (not just my teeth) my true leading foot woz the other one :)

It only took about 1-2hrs to work out why the hell I couldn't stand up. Once I'd switched the board around it took some 3 days to convert me from a skier to a boarder and I've never looked back.

I'll post up some photo of the crazy Braunwald Nuns and some friends soon.

You can't compare Braunwald with large resorts, it's a mountain with lifts I was a great place to go off piste.

To find out more about braunwald check out this link

Thursday, 4 November 2010

A bit of powder

I don't have many videos of stuff that might interest others but this is one that reminds why I live and go snowboarding.. Yep no big turns or big jumps as I haven't got a bullet camera (yet, anyone reading this should buy me one) so can't do much with a little camera in hand :)

Yet again its Austria and in Hinterglemm in 2009 this time (your notice most stuff is in Hinterglemm as I've been many times) :)

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Hate them or love them? you have to love these skiers

skiers are funny things.. I used to be a skier and many of my friends still are and haven't yet come to the dark side of winter sport..

99.9% of skiers I like, it's the one that spit at me in ski lift I don't like or the one's who cut up people i'm teaching on the first day grrr..

But these guys I and you have to love..

Yep, dancing emu skiers in Austria hinterglemm 2008

Warm Welcome to Snowboarding stuff.

So what's the score?

Well I love boarding and thought I'd just put this blog up.. that's it really..


Anyway this is me and the OH in Austria.

I'm going to get some product reviews of boards clothes etc up along with trying to blag some mate to post too :)
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