Tuesday, 22 March 2011

K2 ever binding 2010/2011

More reviews of kit :)

Yep this blog is a bit reviewy but hey I hope it helps as I'm just some rider..

Following on from the K2 slayblade review what are the bindings I'm riding.

Well.. I ride the K2 ever 2010/2011 in size XL bought this Feb.

Looks pretty normal but u need to take a closer look...

A so called "AUTO strap technology" yes that is one place to tighten only at the top..

Also how do u change the highbacks?well that would be the "ultra light weights airlock-lite hightbacks" (I love k2's descriptions) hehee ..

So pro's :

Fast to strap in


no really.. only I ridden softer bindings but then that's not my style

Find out more from K2 site here

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