Sunday, 20 February 2011

k2 slayblade snowboard review

I'm no pro but have been boarding for a while now and love it..

I've had a burton snowboard (which someone nicked which is another story) and a nitro magnum but last year bought a K2 snowboard for the first time..

I spent a week riding a Ride DH and found it far to easy to ride, basically you didn't have to ride it which some days that was great but I love telling me board what to do (power crazy I know) so when looking for a new board I was recommended the K2 Slayblade.

I'm now able to give a small review on the slayblade as I've spent about 10days on it now..

So what's good, bad and fun about the k2 slayblade..

I have the 2010 version but assume the 2011 is pretty similar..

I have a 156cm and I'm 6'1 about 12stone and the smallest board I've ever bought..

My pros:

  • Fast (very)
  • Great on the flats
  • Great on piste
  • Super light
  • Good on blacks and ice
  • Good on mid powder and mid to firm off piste
  • Super stable at high speed
  • Technical ride

My cons

  • Unstable at low speed
  • Not a deep power board
  • Due to straight Edges carving pop only work at mid to high speeds

I really love this board and well worth checking out..

In conclusion its not an easy ride but a really fun ride and if you like to ride hard it well worth a go..

Check out a full range of K2 snowboards

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