Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Snowboarding Braunwald Switzerland

I learnt to snowboard in Switzerland with mates in a tiny little place called Braunwald....

I learnt the normal way of sticking a board on and being pushed down the mountain by mates.

As a lefty the first thing I learnt was I'm a regular rider... Everything pointed to me being a goofy rider (not just my teeth) my true leading foot woz the other one :)

It only took about 1-2hrs to work out why the hell I couldn't stand up. Once I'd switched the board around it took some 3 days to convert me from a skier to a boarder and I've never looked back.

I'll post up some photo of the crazy Braunwald Nuns and some friends soon.

You can't compare Braunwald with large resorts, it's a mountain with lifts I was a great place to go off piste.

To find out more about braunwald check out this link

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